【Morgan Stanley】Read more, Walk more; Decades in hand, let love inherit!


Group photo of Morgan Stanley volunteers with Jiuqian students from Tangzheng Center


On the afternoon of June 30, 2017, nearly 20 volunteers from Morgan Stanley came to the center of Pudong Zheng, Shanghai, and brought two big boxes of extracurricular reading books for students and played with the students with “I gesture, you guess” and “One Piece series puzzle” games. Just a few hours to get along, the students have the volunteers as their own brother, sister. Volunteers’ heart-warming care of the students made them feel familiar and warm.


Team competition, see who is the best



“I gesture, you guess” game:in a stated period of time, the presenter demonstrates the action, so that his teammates guess the meaning. The team that has gussed out most number of gustures wins the game.


When the puzzle game is in progress, the volunteers bring 4 puzzles. The most powerful group in the same time, has completed each puzzle, and no less than 2 times.


In the “I have to plan, you come to guess”, “One Piece series of puzzles” two games, teammates encourage each other and applause constantly. Students are so ultra-fast and so flexible in expression that the volunteers called: “Awesome! Awesome!” These two games may seem easy, but they are actually not so! It tested the teammates with teamwork, expression and logical thinking ability.






Group photo of puzzle game: we are a big happy family, laugh together with the game!


Decades can start a prairie fire


Morgan Stanley has continued to support the more than ten years of Shanghai Jiuqian Volunteer Service. The first batch of students who have been primary school students, has now embarked on social work, and volunteer service has deepened into their blood. One of the students said that in the usual work and life, seeing the need to help people, she will take the initiative to help, because so many years she was so greatly helped. She would like to volunteer the spirit of selfless dedication to more people!


These years , Morgan Stanley has not only helped with the money, but also has many courses (growth classes, badminton classes, computer programming courses), the establishment of the Morgan Library, to carry out a wide range of content-rich networking activities (outdoor Photography activities, foreign exchange activities, etc.)



Morgan Stanley growth course, teaching students how to understand and explore the growth process of their own relationship with others, their relationship with the world, and will teach the basic skills of living in urban.



Morgan Stanley programming courses, moving the brain, moving hands, compiled a set of fun game software. Innovative course content is popular with students.



Students from time to time to visit the musical, children’s drama. This not only broadens their horizons, but also cultivates the sentiment.


Thanks to Morgan Stanley and its volunteer team, decades of sincere companionship and hard work, not only to provide students with high quality education, but also passes the spirit of volunteer service!


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