【Morgan Stanley】Read more, Walk more; Decades in hand, let love inherit!

Group photo of Morgan Stanley volunteers with Jiuqian students from Tangzheng Center   On the afternoon of June 30, 2017, nearly 20 volunteers from Morgan Stanley came to the center of Pudong Zheng, Shanghai, and brought two big boxes of extracurricular reading books for students and played with the students with “I gesture, you guess” […]

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[Course]Flame α Camp—Understanding Self-Respect, Honesty, Love, and Encouragement


On the 9th and 10th of September, Economics Professor Bala Ramasamy from China Europe International Business School, along with 40 volunteers, came to Pudong Shanghai Jiuqian Volunteer Center for a brand banquet—only that this time they were going to devour morality. The course is called Flame, standing for the Foundations of Leadership and Moral Empowerment. Children are expected to learn to become mentally and physical healthy, caring and responsible people after the 2-day experience which focused primariy on self-respect, honesty, love, and encouragement.

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(Grand Opening) Jiuqian• ChuangZhi Commonweal Cafe just opened for service! We’d like to invite friends of new and of old to visit!


A letter from Jiuqian• ChuangZhi Commonweal Cafe Dear friends, We would like to share some exciting news with you. Shanghai Jiuqian Volunteers’ Society had just started its very own cafe! It is situated within the quiet neighborhood of 129 Wei Kang Road in Yangpu District, Shanghai. A row of tall trees surrounds the cafe outside […]

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