【Good News】Jiuqian Student Wang Huan Received The Letter Of Admission Of UWC (United World Colleges)



Jiuqian student Wang Huan received the letter of admission of UWC on 3.17th, 2017. She gained full scholarship based on his diverse outstanding abilities, and will be studying there this year.


2016 Jiuqian-Cologne University Sodality. Wang Huan is in the middle.


Wang Huan has joined Jiuqian Club since 2008, and she has become 18 years old this year. She is courteous, out-going and active. She attended all kinds of activities in Jiuqian, such as summer/winter camps, supporting education in Yunnan Province and sodalities. Now let’s approach Wang Huan and further discover her world!


Q: What gains you the biggest, and what moves you the deepest among the ten years in Jiuqian?
Wang: Jiuqian is a big club. There are volunteers from all over the world, some of them are from the top 500 companies, some of them are housewives, some of them are old and calm, some of them are young and free …… all kinds of events and exciting lessons as well. Under this influence, every student can expand their views in a diversity of aspects. I learned a lot that I could learn at school. Thus I grew more adventurous, and I will not fail to try because of fear.



Q: Who impress you the most in Jiuqian?
Wang: In Jiuqian, I have the deepest impression about Xingyue (Wang Xingyyue). She is the first Jiuqian student enrolled by UWC. That time, everyone was immeasurably happy because we knew that this success of sister Xingyue not only changed her life, but also provided more choices for the future students of Jiuqian. We will not have to go to technical secondary schools in Shanghai or return to our domicile places for education.

In the next place, Lanlan (Lin Lanlan) also leaves me a great impression. I remember that Lanlan was the first person I met when I came to Jiuqian. Lanlan is also the person who always introduces other people at Jiuqian to me and shows me around Jiuqian. We share a hobby very much—dancing. We used to dance together.

After that, it’s Tutu (Tu Wenjian), a thoughtful big brother to me. Every time when I was unhappy or needed decisions, I always told him about my concerns, and he always gave me a lot of suggestions.

Jiuqian10th Anniversary Concert. Wang Huan showed her growth and change in these few years through a beautiful dance.



Q: Have you done any research about the life and academics in UWC? Do you have any plans there?
Wang: I have asked a few seniors there, and learnt that it’s most important to manage time well, find fun in learning, and learn through having fun. It includes thing such as experiencing different cultures, and join community services.

For future plans, I plan to focus on my study, with fellows from different countries and background. In the second year, I want to apply to other colleges of UWC to have a different and new environment for academics, and broaden my horizon. Of course I want to make many new friends.


Q: Do you have any plans for post-graduation of UWC?
Wang: After graduation, I would need to apply for college. I will probably go to the one which offers scholarship, and choose to major in Psychology. If possible, I want to study to become a doctor, and stay in the school as professor. Compared to other occupations, teachers have more holiday for recreation and travel, and thus learn about people’s different mentality for further study and research. At last, they may publish and spread their result through media for public interest.



During occupation lectures, Jiuqian provided job counseling and advising for students in vocational schools, and those who have already started working. This enabled them to have a deeper understanding of their jobs/dream jobs, learn the essential skills, to find a proper job.
Wang Huan (Fourth one from the right in the front line).


Q: How do your parents feel about you studying at UWC?
Wang: They have been very supportive, which I greatly appreciate. Since everyone has been offering me great support and help, I am working harder and harder to pay back their favor.

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